Cultural Project Delivery Goals
  • Show your audience that the topic interests and excites you
  • Communicate, person-to-person. Talk as if talking to friends
  • Look at members of the audience, always checking for questions, facial expressions
  • Know more information than you are going to share, but stick to the point. Plan to share only enough to fit into the presentation time frame
  • Use notes, but do not read in front of the audience. Practice before presenting so that you can pay attention to the audience
  • If using technology or equipment, test before the presentation. Do not assume that “Stuff will Work,” ever!
Cultural Project Delivery

Your Cultural Project culminates with the Delivery of your presentation or the Delivery of your report

Writing the report or building the presentation needs to finish soon enough before the Delivery to allow time for practice and revision. Here are the tools, strategies and resources that you need.

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