Delivery Checklist

Cultural Project Delivery Checklist

Here are some general items to target when practicing and delivering your presentation or report…

____ I practiced in front of real people at least twice before the actual presentation
____ The handouts (if required) were legible. The handouts may even have blanks, turning them into Study Sheets
____ I have note cards (color coded or numbered, with large print) that I can follow with ease
____ The note cards follow my key word outline. There are no sentences on the note cards
____ In relation to this topic, I assume that I am the “most expert” person in the room, so I speak with confidence
____ I focus on the audience, rather than the material
____ My highest priority is communicating with the audience
____ I stand straight
____ I use appropriate gestures and facial expressions, adjusting to the communication
____ I speak in a firm voice, and alternate voice tone to reflect the message
____ I introduce myself and my topic when I start
____ I ask for questions, answer questions, or say, “I don’t know.”
____ I glance at a slide or notes, then talk to the audience. I avoid reading the slides or the notes to the audience
____ I test the audience’s reaction before telling jokes. I never tell a joke that would offend anyone
____ I remain polite, if members of the audience criticize me or correct me
____ I make transitions between thoughts and ideas or sections of the topic, rather than jumping from one idea to another
____ If using a slide transition, I use the same transition for every slide. I never use the “Random Transition” function of the software
____ I summarize my talking points, with statements that match the goals that I stated during the introduction to my presentation

Here is a detailed Delivery Checklist that is printable and and editable.

Delivery Checklist PDF

Delivery Checklist RTF

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