Evaluation Checklist

Cultural Project Success/ Evaluation Checklist

This Checklist will give you an “inside track” on a high grade for your project. But, if you wait until after delivering your Cultural Report or Cultural Presentation, your options for improving your grade for the project are limited.

Start a dialog with your instructor during the early stages of the project.

____ Find an accountability partner to team with you for this project.
____ Ask yourself (or have your accountability partner ask) each day, “Is what I am doing moving me closer to my success goals?”
____ Catalog your progress, check off your accomplishments, celebrate each successful step, list the milestones as you accomplish them
____ Build scorecards, target lists, tracking forms, personal commitment contracts
____ Create “Exceptions Reports” that note…

  • Specific challenges
  • Missed targets
  • Solutions strategies
  • Crucial, prioritized steps
  • Accountability checkup timelines and missed goals
____ Focus on making your objectives clear
____ Do what is worth doing each day, and renew your commitment to this project
____ If you you stop, go blank, freeze…find out why. Do something anyway
____ Re-Commit each day to completing this project and earning a high grade
____ Create a “Challenge List” and prioritize a list of challenges to overcome
____ Focus your time and resources on what it is possible for you to do

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