Evaluation Rubric

Cultural Project Success/ Evaluation Rubric

You could also call this a “Grading Rubric.”

Your instructor will probably use a “Grading Rubric” to evaluate your entire project. Instructors do this to avoid students’ complaints about the grading of their projects.

Instructors also provide a rubric, or an project outline with grading criteria.

This is not the place for a holistic, 30 to 45 second evaluation, and your instructor will be specific about how your project report, presentation, dialog or multi-medial project was graded.

But, you also need to know what your instructor likes and dislikes. The way to know this is to ask during the early stages of the project. If you wait until after the project is delivered, you can only “hang on and hope.”

Specific Project Grading Rubric

Here is an example of a project grading rubric…

Cultural Project Rubric PDF

Cultural Project Rubric RTF

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