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After the Cultural Project is submitted and the presentation is delivered, convincing your instructor to increase your grade is an “Uphill Challenge.”

If you followed the steps that Clase Chevere suggests, you should not be in this position.

But, if you did follow the steps for building and delivering your project, you…

  • Engaged your Instructor in an ongoing conversation for ideas, feedback and clues about how the project would be graded
  • Built adequate documentation that provides evidence that you built and designed a quality project.

If you can justify the reason to increase your grade with documentation, you stand a reasonable chance of obtaining the higher grade.


Remember: you do not have to write a Pulitzer-Prize-Level report or a Prime-Time-Television-Level presentation.

Your Cultural Project just needs to be as good or better than every other member of your class to obtain a top grade.

Following the steps in this Clase Chevere How-To makes you Cultural Project competitive.

Getting Instructor to Raise Grade

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