Organization Checklist

Cultural Project Organization Checklist

Your Cultural Project Organization Checklist tracks how you collect and manage the information that you discover through your research.

This information comes in many forms…

  • Notes on cards…from books, journal articles, newspapers
  • Notes in electronic form from…
    • Online Databases
    • Educational and Government Websites
    • Google™ Alerts
    • News Feeds
    • Foreign Newspapers
    • Videos
    • E-mail Messages
  • Interviews
  • Newscasts
  • Citations…from cards
  • Citations…from online databases
  • Citations…from Website address captures

Organization becomes the connector for converting raw materials (your research) to the delivery of your finished product (your report, presentation, skit, dialog, or multimedia production).

Organization Checklist

Here is a checklist for tracking and managing the organization of research for your Cultural Project.

____ Develop a numbering system for paper and electronic files to coordinate with each other
____ Sort research into both physical and electronic folders as you go
____ Form outlines, wireframes and Mind Maps as you gather and organize research materials
____ Keep citations, attributions and references in a separate location and sort (by alphabetizing and in chronological order) as you go
____ Add a number at the beginning of electronic files so that these files sort according to computer rules. This usually means adding something like…01, 02, 03, etc. or, 01-, 02-, 03-, etc. to the beginning of the file name.
____ Add numbers to the beginning of images to sort images related to research section, slide, concept or component
____ Use Note-Taking and Mind Mapping Software
____ Take advantage of the Document Outline feature of your Word Processor program

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