Organization Templates

Cultural Project Organization Templates


  • File folders for papers and notes
  • A card file for citations
  • Place all electronic files in a central location
  • Convert notes (your quote or reference) and citations to electronic records
  • Streamline your storage strategy

Here are two options for streamlining your centralized research and storage:

Google™ Drive

Microsoft™ Sky Drive

Both options provide free service, and allow you to share files with a project partner or project group.

The Microsoft Sky Drive works with Microsoft™ Office applications and Open Office applications, while the Google™ Drive works with Google™ DOCs and imports Microsoft™ Office or Open Office files.

Mind Map as Project Organization Template

You can use a Mind Map as a project organization template.

Setting this up takes a bit of work because you need to create hyperlinks for each Mind Map node. Then, you can “Drag and Drop” materials onto the “Expandable/ Collapse-able” nodes on the map.

Free Mind is a free of charge software application that you can use for this strategy.

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