Project Follow-Up

Cultural Project Follow-Up

Completing a report or delivering a presentation may not complete the requirements for your Cultural Project. (and you thought that you were finished.)

The Cultural Project may still require that you…

  • Submit some or all of your research materials
  • Submit or post your report and bibliography in specific electronic formats
  • Submit or post your slide show and bibliography in specific electronic formats
  • View a specific number of course mate/ classmate projects online
  • Review and rate a specific number of house mates/ classmate projects
  • Rate or evaluate other projects using rubrics
  • Participate in course Discussions on the Course Forum, or within the course Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Make Blog posts relating to your project
  • Add comments to Blog posts related to your course mates/ classmates projects
  • Etc.

So, you might still have work to do…and technical issues to overcome. For example…

  • You might have to convert your report to a specific format that your instructor can read. Submitting materials that the instructor has to convert to a usable format before grading may jeopardize at least one letter of your grade
  • Image-rich slide show presentations or videos may have file sizes that are so large that E-mail programs and E-mail service system reject your message submissions
  • You may have to submit your report to an online service such as TurnItIn to ensure that your report is free of plagiarized content
  • You might have to refute claims by team members or your project partner that they did all the work and that you failed to contribute to the project

Your instructor sets project requirements, but does not provide support for technical issues. You need to resolve technical issues in advance of completing the project.

Follow-Up Resources

Follow-up activities to meet Cultural Project requirements can devour a lot or your precious time, especially because these time gobblers may coincide with course final exams.

So, Clase Chevere shows you some strategies, resources and tools to make the Project Follow-Up process as painless as possible.

Packing your Project and Tying Up Loose Ends

Since project requirements differ and since technologies seem “Ever Evolving,” Clase Chevere provides suggestions and strategies for overcoming common challenges.

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