Follow-Up Checklist

Cultural Project Follow-up Checklist

Your Cultural Project Follow-Up Checklist should be a final check sheet that lists the requirements for the project. Project managers call this a “Punch List,” and this means that you have taken care of everything.

The purpose of a Follow-Up Checklist is to ensure that your grade avoids decreases that result from missing items.

Project Follow-Up also ensures that you obtain the grade that your research, project building and project delivery earned. For example: Your instructor took notes during your presentation, but final grading is often based upon a review of your slide show.

Project Follow-Up Checklist

Here is a checklist for managing the loose ends of your Cultural Project.

____ Delivered all required Cultural Project components on time
____ Delivered all required Cultural Project components in the correct formats
____ Submitted “Corrected Copies” of a report or presentation slide show that contained errors. (This could improve your grade)
____ Delivered correctly formatted bibliography on time
____ Copied all material to an archive backup folder
____ Collected the contributions of all partners or team members
____ Completed required evaluations of other classmates’ projects
____ Completed any online discussion question assignments

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