Project Presentation

Cultural Project Presentation Goals

A presentation is often the center piece of your Cultural Project, and sometimes an add-on to a Report.

Here are some goals for the Presentation Component of a Cultural Project…

  • Develop your presentation with the goal of communicating with your audience
  • Build in answers to questions that you think members of the audience might ask into your presentation
  • Eliminate any component that distracts from your message or theme
  • Keep text on a slide to no more than seven words
  • Build audience participation and audience interaction into the presentation, even if only a “Show of Hands” poll
  • Ask for audience questions, even hand out question cards to friends so that they ask questions
Cultural Project Presentation

The presentation is your chance to “Show Off” and “Show what you Learned,” but DON’T. The presentation is about communicating with your audience…it is not about you.

Presentation and Delivery

Once you build your Presentation, you need to present (or Deliver) a performance. Clase Chevere provides two modules to assist you in the complexities of meeting these requirements of your Cultural Project.

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