Presentation Checklist

Cultural Project Presentation Checklist

Your Cultural Project Presentation could take a number of forms…

  • Face-to-Face Delivery in front of your class
  • Synchronous (Real-Time) or Asynchronous (Recorded) Delivery using online tools
  • Audio Recordings or Screen Capture of your Slide Show
  • Multi-Media Productions, such as creating a video
  • Web Site or Web Pages
  • Video or Podcast
  • Any combination of Delivery Options
General Presentation Checklist

Here is a general checklist. More detailed checklists follow…

____ You are the presenter. Slides must not distract from you and the message that you are communicating
____ Build the slide show from a template. Keep an organized structure
____ Slides are organized in a framework that matches a theme
____ Slides are arranged in a logical order
____ Idea transitions lead from one slide to another
____ Every image is “sharp,” not blurred
____ The slide background is simple, uniform and supports your presentation theme. Do not change slide backgrounds from slide to slide
____ Slide transitions are of one type. Never use “Random” transitions
____ Headlines and text are big enough to be seen from the back of the room
____ Text and Headlines use phrases and no more than seven words on a line
____ Practice in front of real people
____ Time the presentation
____ Create storyboards and note cards.
____ Refer to notes. Do not read from slides or from notes
____ Prepare handouts
____ Give members of the audience question cards and encourage them to ask questions
____ Test every bit of technology, software, USB drives. E-mail a copy of the slide show to yourself. Post a copy of your presentation slide show using an online storage system

There are two checklists that offer a detailed view of the steps needed to build a Cultural Project presentation.

Presentation Checklist PDF

Presentation Checklist RTF

Presentation MultiMedia Checklist PDF

Presentation MultiMedia Checklist RTF

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