Project Report

Cultural Project Report Goals

Cultural Project often require a report; or, a presentation plus a report.

Your instructor may also require that you summarize the results of your research report to your classmates…a less formal presentation.

Here are some goals for a Cultural Project Report…

  • Use Graphic Organizers to ensure that the content of your report flows toward a single summary or conclusion
  • Eliminate any material that does not fit into the flow of your report
  • Write a draft and revise at least once
  • Have someone else read your draft, then revise your report again
  • Use a spell checker and thesaurus on your final draft, and recheck to ensure that these technologies didn’t add mistakes to your report

Clase Chevere provides the resources that you need to meet these Cultural Project goals.

Cultural Project Success Steps

Build your Cultural Project on solid research and organization. This will decrease the amount of time that you need to complete this project.

Be sure to allocate enough time to complete all Cultural Project Report requirements.

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