Report Checklist

Cultural Project Report Checklist

Here is a general Cultural Project Report Checklist. Feel free to add items to match the requirements for your course.

____ Discuss your topic and report focus with your instructor. Listen to your instructor’s comments…and act upon those comments
____ Develop an Action Plan based upon a Timeline and Framework
____ Focus on communicating with an audience. Pretend that you are talking to your best friend when writing the first draft
____ Decide on a theme, thread and spin. Flow that information around a path, or outline
____ Talk over your ideas with friends to ensure that your ideas are clear and logical. Communicate what you want to communicate
____ Use graphic method to abstract data into charts, graphs, tables and graphics to communicate ideas
____ Complete at least two drafts
____ Use the “Spell Check” function of word processing software, and re-read to ensure that the software made the correct word substitutions. Also ensure that the software didn’t pass up typographical mistakes that are correct words
Report Content and Communication Design

This Content and Communication Design Checklist delves deeper into the mechanics of writing a Cultural Report…

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