Cultural Project Checklist

Cultural Project Checklist

Brainstorming ideas, planning and research provide the content that builds your Cultural Project.

Brainstorming (either yourself, or with others) is an “Idea Exploding” strategy that bounces, spins, twists and tangents creative ideas from what you already know and think.

Planning means getting a calendar and mapping your project steps. Planning also means starting backwards so that you have enough time to rehearse your presentation in front of people, or edit the third draft of your report.

But, research is the starting point; whether your project requires a report, a presentation, a multi-media production, a portfolio another product that demonstrates your learning.

Here is a checklist for launching the research for your Cultural Project.

____ Sign up for your project
____ Start planning and researching at once
____ Map out the steps and the time that you need to complete the project on time, without stress
____ Find ways to use technology to automate your research, organization and project development
____ Skim the Checklists, Rubrics, Tutorials, Examples, Templates and Tools to see what you can use
____ Build a system of searching, collecting and organizing your research data
____ Do each step “right the first time” and avoid rework

Cultural projects require only adequate, not in-depth, research…so, don’t be lulled into delaying your project.

Follow our plans and guidelines, and you will complete a superior project with minimal effort.

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