Cultural Project Examples

Cultural Project Overview Examples

Cultural Projects about a country don’t require much brainstorming, but finding an “Issues or Current Events” topic might require some thinking.

Brainstorming is a process for coming up with a lot of ideas, then choosing one that is most appealing.

Here is a list of topics that was developed through brainstorming…

Topic Brainstorming Example PDF

Topic Brainstorming Example RTF

After a topic is selected, develop an outline of possible strategies to communicate the results of your project.

Here is a sample project outline…

Cultural Topic Outline Example PDF

Cultural Topic Outline Example RTF

Check out these sample guidelines…

Cultural Project Guidelines Example PDF

Cultural Project Guidelines Example RTF

It is also useful to map out or diagram the main topics or points of your project. Here is a sample Mind Map…

Sample Project Mind Map PDF

And, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) might provide answers that help you launch your project.

Cultural Project FAQ PDF

Cultural Project FAQ RTF

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