Cultural Project Research

Research provides the core of the content that you share with your project.

Research forms the foundation and framework for building content that meets the requirements for your course.

Getting Started…

Although you can automate much of your research, you do have to accomplish a few tasks…

  1. Decide on a topic (if your instructor didn’t assign a topic to you)
    • Pick a topic that excites (or at least interests) you. There is no sense in being bored. If you were assigned a topic, find a way to slant the topic towards your interests
  2. Start collecting ideas and gathering background information…but don’t work at it
    • Build a Filtered Store for your information
    • Get current events and new online information sent to you automatically
  3. Set up a system for keeping information stored and accessible, perhaps also accessible to a partner or a project team
    • If you sort the information as you get it, the process will be easier
  4. Set up a system of recording bibliographic (sources) entries
    • Find out how your instructor wants the bibliography formatted
    • Print a style guide, and look up the correct format as you go. (This will save you hours as the project deadline nears
    • Print 3″ x 5″ blank note cards with the entries that you need. If you cannot print on Index Cards, Create a Template on whole sheets of paper, then cut these in half
  5. Once you know your project topic, follow the Research Checklist. Feel free to add any other items to this checklist
Cultural Project Research Goals
  • Define a topic that interests or excites you
  • Use automated research strategies to research quickly
  • Use a system that records content and cites sources at the same time to avoid redoing work

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