Research Checklist

Cultural Project Research Checklist

Research provides the content that builds your Cultural Project.

Researh is your starting point; whether your project requires a report, a presentation, a multi-media production, a portfolio another product that demonstrates your learning.

Here is a checklist for launching the research for your Cultural Project.

____ Acquire a G-mail™ Account
____ Set up Google™ Alerts for your topic
____ Order source materials from your public library. Visit the library if you do not have a library card
____ Check the Clase Chevere Country Searches (for Countries with Spanish as the Official Language)
Currencies of Spanish-Speaking Countries
____ Check the Newspaper Feeds from Newspapers in Spanish Speaking Countries
____ Check the format that you need for citations (Bibliography)… MLA, APA, Chigago
____ Collect research informaiton, data and images into one place. Separate information into folders
____ Keep note cards for each bibliography item. Record complete bibliographic information before taking notes
____ Create backup copies of all online materials that you collect
____ E-mail bibliographic data from online databases to yourself
____ Build an outline, and fill in the research
____ Use a “Search Portal” template to find relevant information…finding Educational and Government sources and screening out less academic sources
Cultural Project Assignment Overview

You can also add items to this Research Checklist from the ideas you get from the following…

Cultural Project Assignment Worksheet PDF

Cultural Project Assignment Worksheet RTF

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