Research Templates

Cultural Project Research Templates

Research for your Cultural Project should be quick, clean and precise.

Your instructor expects you to provide focused, targeted project deliverables…not an exhaustive and thorough dissertation. You do not need to find every source ever written on your research topic.

These templates provide a way to structure your research in a time-saving and efficient manner.

Presentation Template

Presentation Template PPTX

Presentation Template Video WMV

Reference Citation Template

Systematic reference and note card collection will save you time and effort.

Be sure to save the source locations of images that you use for your project.

Reference Citation Template PDF

Reference Citation Template RTF

Reference Note Card Template

The secret of saving Note Cards number-coded to your Citation Cards is being able to build your bibliography and to eliminate sources that you chose not to include.

You are able to support your sources of information if your instructor questions any aspect of your project.

Do not cite Wikipedia because the information posted there is not vetted.

Reference Note-Card Template PDF

Reference Note-Card Template RTF

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